Sunday, September 05, 2004

From Alton to Zest

Yesterday we celebrated Mike and Kate's birthdays by having a trip to Alton Towers followed by a drinking session in Leamington. We had to get up at 7.30am on a Saturday (!) and we drove up with Tracy and Chelsea.

Oblivion was the best ride I went on. I am ashamed to say I screamed like a girl, but at least I wasn't too scared to go on it (Mike and Laura, I'm looking in your direction...). Spinball Whizzer and Ripsaw were also very very good. Hex was good, but not as good as the original Magic Swing at Blackpool, which rocks. We decided against joining the huge queues for Nemesis (we've been on it loads before) and Air (had it on good authority that is not that good), so we missed out on those, but we'll go again another time. Chelsea was 3cm too short for the big rides even in her heels and ponytail, but almost got on Ripsaw before being rumbled by an eagle-eyed employee. The skyrides were broken, so we actually had to walk through the gardens like some common paupers.

We arrived home at 9, and were in Zest by 10 where we had several drinks but decided against going to Sugar, tempting though it was. Instead, me, John, Gary, Marie-Claire and Paul came back to ours for a drink (which nobody drank) and we got to bed at a reasonable 2.30am.


Blogger Ruth said...

Air is the best ride at Alton Towers! You missed out! Though Oblivion does come close. Come on our next Alton Towers Hotel trip, you get to jump queues.

9:52 AM


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