Friday, September 24, 2004

Gaps in the space-time continuum

Even though our finances were reaching critical levels, we decided to go and have a few social beers in the Jug and Jester last night. We expected to start drinking at around 9, stay in the Jug all night and leave at chucking out time. No Mirage, no Rios, no kebabs, no people back to our house talking rubbish. Me, John, Marie Claire and Gary got there at 8.30 and Paul, Tracy and JV joined us later. We had a fair few drinks and then left around midnight.

I got to bed at 2.30am. I have no idea what happened to those missing 2.5 hours, but I do vaguely recall: Seriously considering Rios before deciding it would have been a stupid idea (it would have been), buying kebabs from Sakarya and learning how to pronounce Kofthe, Paul coming to our house and discussing the ways in which the English language has let us down by not having non gender specific singular pronouns, chatting with neighbour Stefan on msn for a few seconds (turned out to be over an hour) and drinking more beer.

On the plus side, we managed to spend less than £30. On the negative side, my sleep debt has increased by 2.5 hours. Again.


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