Sunday, September 12, 2004

It was supposed to be a few quiet drinks

Chris and Rae arrived at some ridiculously early hour of the afternoon and we went to the Sozzled Sausage for lunch. Afterwards we went to Stone the Crows where we bought plenty of Halloween themed tat for their upcoming Halloween party.

We decided that the only sensible thing to do when slightly hungover and very tired was to invite people round for a quiet drink, and started on the cocktails straight away. Gary, Marie-Claire, Gav and Paul came along and much drinking and frivolity followed. Steve didn't come round because he claimed he was tired (yes, that'll be because you kept us up until 3.30am on Friday, Mr Wharton). Singstar came out, which we managed to turn into a drinking shots of tequilla game because it seemed like a good idea at the time. The maracas came out, WarioWare was played, and Gav insisted he really wanted me to make him a bizarre cocktail made out of milk, gin, vodka, rum and lemon. That didn't seem like a good idea even then, and it was truly the most horrible thing I have tasted in my life. I would not recommend it - especially if made by estimation and with questionable milk.

I'm currently sat here listening to Bluegrass music. It hurts but I simply cannot move.


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