Monday, September 27, 2004

Note to self: Steve Wharton, bad influence

Yesterday afternoon we helped Amber buy and construct some shelves in return for a free lunch (cost saving initiative #253). Afterwards we were understandably quite tired and looked forward to a quiet evening of sitting around and maybe doing the ironing.

All was ruined when neighbour Steve invited us to the pub quiz at the Robbins Well. We agreed to go, but leave as soon as the quiz was over. Steve also guaranteed we would win the quiz and leave with more money than we arrived with. We met a couple of new people with curly hair, and the next thing I knew, it was 12.30am and me, John, Steve and Gav were singing along to an Oasis medley. I also recall Steve and I spending far too much time trying to copy msn messenger emoticons with our own faces, and something to do with cream crackers. We had not won the quiz.

The remainder of the evening can probably be best described by the 'notes to self' I found on my answering machine this morning:
  • 12.34am: Remember free barbeque at Robbins Well next Sunday at 2pm
  • 12.36am: John's idea - consolidate snooker ball colours and judo belt colours
  • 12.43am: Remind self of Steve threatening to break Luke's kneecaps (who is Luke?)
  • 12.47am: Remind self that Steve was on our conservatory roof retreiving a CD (turned out to be Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
  • 12.48am: Paul has just turned up

Its all very, very, very worrying.


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