Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Now scared of sharks

Last night me, John and Gav went to see Open Water at the Apollo. How come is it that a film about a dwarf who likes trains attracts loads of us and yet a film that was described to me as "a cross between Jaws and the Blair Witch Project" ends up just having three of us see it? You people have no taste. Or maybe you have just found other hobbies.

Anyhow, I thought the film was very good, and I won't go into the ending for if anyone reading this wants to see it (is anyone reading this?). An interesting thing was that the film claimed to be a true story at the start, but the ending had the usual disclaimer of "This film is fiction, any resemblance to actual people or events is coincidental..." which I found odd. I would recommend it, although I'm not sure if it would hold my attention if I saw it on the TV instead of the cinema.

So, in conclusion, sharks have now been added to my list of phobias which now includes snakes, sharks, worms, fish with big heads, wicker and cane.


Blogger Ruth said...

On the true story note - it's based on the story of a couple who got left behind by their dive boat, but in a different location. All that is known is that they got left behind and were never found again. So the rest of it is of necessity made up.

Lots of divers are very cross about it because it's full of inaccuracies. Kind of like climbers were cross about Cliffhanger. It's just a movie! I haven't been to see it yet, might wait till it comes on telly. In my old age I resent paying for films that aren't worth seeing on the big screen. The Bourne Supremacy - now that was worth paying to see...

9:54 AM

Blogger Memory said...

Well, I'm reading this :) Erm, well, diving is one of my geek subjects so I will watch it on tv and talk all the way through it. Just as well you live in land, don't expect you will get many of them. When it comes to films: why won't anyone come and see Cronicles of Riddick with me?! Now that film has it all...

5:59 PM


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