Sunday, September 12, 2004


John has uploaded his photos from last night's festivities. As usual they are of high quality, but I find myself seriously puzzled by this picture. Now, its not Gav's vivid green jumper that is the source of my confusion, its more what on earth is John wearing. And why?

Lets look at the facts: it was 3.25am (I know the photo says 2.25, but thats GMT), John was not going anywhere nor had he been anywhere, but he's wearing a jacket that he found on the floor on Avenue Road at 5am a few weeks back. And he's wearing a hat under his hood. Ok, you might say, he dressed up for the photo - but what was the photo being taken of? I was taking a picture of John in his jacket, but why was he wearing it? Answers...

Also, I have had to ban myself from looking at this picture because it makes me laugh too much. I have no idea why, its not even that funny. Maybe its something to do with only having 5 hours sleep and then drinking five cans of Vanilla Diet Coke.


Blogger rr said...

John was showing Chirs his Leisure-Wear. Which you had to go and exctract from the dirty washing basket. After smelling it, John decided it was just fine to put on.

"Some people gets theirs from Primark,
Some people gets theirs from the market.
John finds his on the streets"

I'm not sure if that information actually solves the puzzle or not - but it does add to the sum total of knowledge.

4:57 PM


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