Thursday, September 09, 2004

We don't know how lucky we are...

Last night, I joined a few people in the Townhouse to watch England play Poland. Now obviously, the England football team are rubbish. They threw away the game against Austria and they just about managed to beat Poland. Interestingly, David James had been dropped, so now he knows what the ball feels like.*

Anyway, after the England game we watched the second half of Wales v Northern Ireland. Without wanting to offend any Welsh or Northern Irish people, it was like watching Sunday league. It was 9 players against 10, someone had no shoes on, and I was expecting someone's dog to run on the pitch at one point and steal the ball. The result was a 2-2 draw, but football was the real loser. Now, I expect this statement will come back to haunt me when both teams hammer England later in the qualifiers, but in my opinion Wales and Northern Ireland both sucked. And I know all about teams sucking from supporting Manchester City. At least the England team generally qualify for the finals, tend get past the first round, and have won something in the past. They might be poor at times, but at least they're not that poor. Maybe people should stop being so critical. And don't get me started on Scotland...

Strangely, John has now decided he is English, not Welsh.

*David James mentioned just so I could get that joke in. I thought it was funny.


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