Friday, October 29, 2004

More Thursday drinking

In a break from the normal routine we went out drinking last night (I know - drinking on a Thursday...) John, Paul, Steve and me wandered up to Cuba via the Avenue and the Newbold Bar and Brasserie.

We had a quick one in Cuba, caught up with various other people, found out that Suzanne and JV are engaged (congratulations!) and said goodbye to Matt Baxter as the little fella is leaving. Several people made fun of Steve's jumper (those people are mean - its a nice jumper) and John and Paul went back to the Newbold for one while I headed off to the Well with Steve, Rich and Naomi. After a nightmare getting served I headed over to the Jug, as Paul said he didn't want to go to the Well because its open until 1am and he didn't want to drink too late because he had to pack.

Bearing this in mind, me, John and Paul headed back to ours so Paul could ring a taxi. We drank wine and discussed G-Force until 3am and then Paul walked home. Wonder if he got his packing done.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bring it on, Kenilworth

Tonight, me and John took a trip to Kenilworth to meet up with our friends Steve Salt and Ev. We chose to socialise in the Green Man pub and partake in their Wednesday night quiz. I was a bit concerned as last time we had done the quiz there, it had been gay in the extreme, involving snakes and ladders and all kinds of unnecessary things that you just don't need.

We had a go at the quiz anyway, which began with an anagrams round - no problemo! We did reasonably well in the Crime and Punishment and the Animals rounds, and by the time the Trivia round was scored we realised that amazingly we were in with a shout. The Animation round was a bit of a problem, as we had expected questions about the Simpsons and Futurama, but got lots of Disney questions. We enlisted the help of the mysterious Derek and his encyclopedic knowledge of Aladdin and it all came out OK. The final round was History, but luckily Stefan was at hand to help out by text, and he redeemed himself for all his Newcastle gloating gayness of the last week by informing us that the Beatles were given an MBE in 1965 and the Gunpowder plot was in 1605.

We won the quiz by one point (thanks Stef/Derek!) and got ourselves a bottle of wine. Sweet - but not as sweet as the £180 going to the winner of the 'Play your cards right' game. That so is not right.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Get it right

Steve today wrote:

"Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, the 2nd half was thrilling, exciting and everything you would expect from the entertainers. We won 3-2, scoring the winner in the last 60 seconds of injury time"

Calls himself a Newcastle supporter? He can't even get the final score right. It was 4-3.

Free beer - not necessarily a good thing

Last night John and I joined Steve to go to the Well quiz. We joined up with several other people to form the team of "Jim Bowen's Love Child".

As usual we ambled through the rounds, doing better on some than others, but not coming top in any and so not winning any goodies. That all changed on the fourth round where we tied with some girly team. For the tie breaker, John had to stuff as many cream crackers in his mouth as possible. He did very well, managing to eat about 14, although the girls cheated and claimed he had only eaten 10 or something. The quizmaster saw sense and allowed both teams to win the prize - as many free pints as could be pulled in one minute.

Steve was nominated to be our pint puller, and it seemed he'd done this before as he had the knack. He managed to pull around 15 pints which came back to our table and were drunk astoundingly quickly. It all gets a bit blurry from then on - I think we came second in the quiz, I believe we shouted a lot at the open mic singers, and I have a sore arm this morning so I'm pretty sure Steve hit me several times (he hits girls - he's mean).

Cheating Geordie Scum

Yesterday, neighbour was set against neighbour as Newcastle United took on Manchester City. I was convinced that after City's (lucky) battering of Chelsea last week they would win around 7-0. Steve sent me a link to Metro Radio - the world's most biased radio station - so I could listen, as the game wasn't on the TV or on Radio 5.

Everything was fine for the first half - a draw would have been fine. However, in the second half it all went a bit mad and Newcastle cheated their way into a 2-0 lead (penalties and free kicks aren't real goals). The brave City boys fought back to 2-2, and Steve got extremely abusive over msn. Newcastle somehow cheated their way to 3-2 (yes, another free kick), but obviously City equalised again fairly. Unfortunately, it seems the ref was either blind or as had been paid off, as he allowed Newcastle to score the winner.

I had predicted the right number of goals, but the wrong order. Still, City had the moral victory. I resolved never to speak to Steve again, but then John went to play hovercrafts with him. Traitor.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


I think he is protesting a little too much.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Quiet night in - that was the plan

Yesterday John and I were looking forward to a quiet night in as I was tired and he was ill. Steve next door, who is renowned for leading us astray when drinking had also said he was going to chill and have a quiet night in.

So after having a msn discussion about this at approx 4.30pm, me John, Steve and Laura found ourselves in TJs drinking cocktails at 5.30pm - not the usual start to a quiet night in I am sure you will agree. The quiet night in never did materialise, and although every pint was intended to be the last one, we managed to stay out until closing time. Our adventures included going to the Jug where we saw Gaz and MC, Millennium Balti where Steve abused the waiter for not getting 25p off his beer, the Well where we saw Jesus again, and the Avenue where we saw a small child in an apron and flat cap.

We sauntered back to Canal House at around midnight and invited Steve in for a small drink. He used my laptop in order to masquerade as me on msn and randomly abuse people, John dug out and played a bizarre version of 'Our Tune' and the boys drank whisky while I drank beer. Steve left at around 1.30am. In conclusion, if a quiet night in involves going out drinking for eight hours then we did well. Otherwise we failed miserably.

Website fun

This afternoon I had my 1pm class. I assumed the lads wouldn't be bothered to do a great deal of work since it was their last lesson before half term, so imagine my surprise when one of them said they really wanted to do their presentation today.

So, projector hooked up, class sitting expectantly, student presents this website. Its funny, yes, but what makes it the best website ever is the fact that Robert (small one in blue shirt) is a member of the group. He had managed to keep these photos to himself for two years before they were stumbled upon. We all (except Robert) laughed so hard that we nearly died. Is it the best website ever? Even though presenting student didn't meet any criteria, I am tempted to give him an A grade for entertainment.

Later in the lesson another student mentioned that he enjoyed this site. Is there no end to this groups' talents in amusing website spotting?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Strangely political...

This afternoon I attended a Higher Education meeting at work (you see, I do have a job - and occasionally do work there). Normally I just fall asleep or doodle in these meetings, but today it was quite interesting.

As you may or may not know, from 2006 students will have to pay up to £3000 a year to attend university or HE colleges. These institutions will be able to charge whatever they like up to the maximum of £3000, and will have the power to charge different students different rates for the same course. Interesting... So what is expected to happen is that when they fail to fill their courses with full fee students they will have special 'clearing sales' in August. One student in a lecture may well be paying three times as much as another student on the same course - a bit like buying airline tickets. Now, is it just me or does that seem a bit wrong?

Also, it seems that student grants are making a comeback. Means-tested payments of up to £2500 a year and not a loan - just like the old days. But hang on, in the old days students didn't graduate £12000 in debt with tuition fees alone, did they? What is the point, I mean, really, what is the point??

Monday, October 18, 2004

Trip to Birmingham Academy

Last night I joined several people to watch GLC at the Birmingham Academy. I had my doubts, as John had bought me the ticket when I had not heard anything by them, and therefore did not understand approx 97% of the conversations going on around me.

I thought I'd better put a bit of effort into listening to some of their stuff since I'd invested £10 in seeing them. I listened to John's ipod for an afternoon and got the general gist of it. My initial opinion was that they were patchy - although the stuff I found funny was very, very funny. I also entered into the general spirit of things by purchasing a nylon leisure wear top from H&M for £4.99. Bargain.

So off we went to Birmingham - a little worse for wear after John's birthday extravaganza - and after listening to the support acts I was expecting the worst. The Chain did turn out to be very entertaining however, and it really did look like they were making money through having a laugh and prancing around, which you have to respect. I recognised most of the stuff, and it was the stuff that I had found funny, so it all worked out well.

This morning, when I was teaching my HND class, one of the students asked me if I was at the Birmingham Academy last night - because he'd seen me there. Seems he thinks I am such a cool teacher now that he hadn't wanted to embarrass me by saying hello to me in front of my friends. Which I am, obviously.

Yet more Stefan blogwars

In response to Steve's blog entry here, I would like to set several facts straight. I was not offended by the offer of a roast, and I find the idea quite tasty, although I do believe I was promised a chicken based roast originally. Secondly, I was drinking lemonade and water all last night, so I was perfectly sober and remember everything that was said in great detail. This was apart from the two blue WKDs which I downed accidentally thinking they were blue bubblegum flavour drink (a bit careless, I know). My only concern is that I have already almost choked to death on cheese balls once this week, so don't want to push my luck.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Points of view

Turns out that Barry Took is not dead at all, but is dealing with people's Points of View through the medium of the internet. Either that or from beyond the grave. Spooky.

John's birthday extravaganza

Yesterday we celebrated John's birthday by eating and drinking (what else would we do?) There was also many attempts at breaking world records.

We started off with an all you can eat Chinese for lunch, and then meandered around the pubs of North East Leamington. By 5pm we were in the Somerville, trying to set a record for eating the most cheese balls out of a pumpkin bucket with a matchstick in 30 seconds. On my turn I managed to ram 15 into my mouth before I inhaled some cheese dust and almost choked to death. My entire life flashed before my eyes and I had visions of "Tragedy of cheese ball choking incident" headlines in the Courier. Luckily, I managed to spit it out and lived to tell the tale. The attempt didn't count, but I am applying for the record of 'closest near death experience related to cheese balls'.

Things looked up when we went to the Cask and Bottle and I watched Manchester City beat Chelsea. Result. Other records were attempted, including ramming straws up one nostril. We moved on to the Builders where yet again it all went wrong. I decided I really had to show off my strawpedoing skills, and managed to drink a blue WKD in around 2.7 seconds. Not content with this, I did a second one in around 4.5 seconds. In hindsight, it was a mistake as I felt so sick I couldn't drink any more for the rest of the night, and my sickness wasn't improved by Steve (and other bad people) suggesting several stomach turning activities. We went to the Tavistock where we met up with Steve Salt and Ev, and a hardcore four of me, John, Tom and Gav went on to Sugar. In conclusion: I am tired.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Those living dead scare me a bit

After our major drinking session last weekend, we have been mainly recovering this week. This is partly because me and John are a bit sniffly, and partly as we are hoping to be on top drinking form for John's birthday extravaganza at the weekend.

Tonight, instead of going for a Thursday drinking spectacular, John and I watched Dawn of the Dead (the film, not the dawn). Its fair to say it was a bit grim, but fun. I learned a few valuable lessons from the film which are; do not mess with the living dead, and do not attempt to operate a chain saw in a moving vehicle, as it will all end in tears. And it did.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Sunday night saw the Well pub quiz arrive yet again. John decided he didn't want to go because he needed rest, and several other people also wussed out (although to be fair, Rich was in Russia). I left John in the house with Google, and Steve and I meandered to the Well where we joined forces with Adam and Mark, and two people called Ben.

We started off reasonably well, and then picked up momentum as the quiz went on. We excelled in the picture round, where by some freak of nature we got ten out of ten, including correctly identifying several people we had never seen before in our lives. What are the odds of that? I wowed the group with my exceptional knowledge of the origins of PacMan and in the end we were clear winners. I celebrated by having several more beers, and I bought Tecwen Whittock John a kebab from Tarsus on the way home, for no real reason as he had nothing to do with the quiz at all. Nothing I tell you, it was won by the skill and knowledge of the team. £12 winnings each. Result.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I drank what??!??

Well, now the weekend has come to a close, I feel I can lay claim to the world record of the most alcohol drunk by a lady in Leamington Spa in a single weekend (legal term for weekend - 6pm Thursday to 12 midnight Sunday)

Thursday - Occasion: Quiet night out in Leamington. Drinks drunk: Approximately 12 pints. Interesting fact: Almost got into a fight in Viallis, had an in depth conversation with Jesus on the street at 3am.

Friday - Occasion: Steve wants pizza. Drinks drunk: Best part of a bottle of wine, one pint of beer. Interesting fact: Still got 9.5 hours of sleep.

Saturday - Occasion: England v Wales. Drinks drunk: God knows, at least 12 pints plus half a bottle of wine when I got home. Interesting fact: Wales is a country. Also, I found and hid a pack of 100 plastic half pint glasses somewhere, but can't remember where.

Sunday - Occasion: Well pub quiz. Drinks drunk: Six pints plus a can of Chang when I got home. Interesting fact: Won the quiz!

So, in summary, total drinking for the weekend totals around 31 pints, one can of Chang and one and a half bottles of wine. Thats a fair amount. Its a miracle I'm still alive. Beat that one!

Cheers, beers, fears but no tears

Last night, John, Steve and I went to Pizza Express, where we ate pizza (believe it or not) and had some wine. Yes, I know I said I was never drinking again, but I was obviously lying. Then we went to the Well just for one beer, and yet I managed to leave with some fake plaits and Stefan ended up with a Viking helmet and some badges. Result for him. It all worked out well for me because I was in bed at 11.30pm and got 9.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Today was England v Wales and so we followed the traditional plan of: go to the Townhouse, rearrange furniture, drink beer, watch game, drink beer, and such and such. England beat Wales (is that really a country?) 2-0 and everyone was happy. It then turned out that Paul had brought along conkers and conker drilling paraphernalia and we were legally bound to play - but we had to go to the Bowling Green. Steve won the Conker Cup at the end of a fiercely contested tournament, although he only beat Gav in the first round by the default of Gav having to go to a wedding (apparently he has other friends!). For some loophole in the rules that I cannot recall, I played Stef in the masters. He beat me and then hit me constantly on the leg with his conker. He's a bit mean.

Anyway, we moved on to the Pig and Fiddle (yes, we were that drunk) and to millennium Balti where we ate yummy food and Steve abused me by text. We then went to the Jug where I couldn't finish my beer and John and I sent bizarre text messages to Laura. We then staggered up the road to home where John went to bed while I made it my business to finish the wine. Oh yes, another random day in the world of Debbie.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Led astray... again!

Ah, Thursday night. The night for a few quiet drinks. Why does it all keep going wrong?

It started off well. John was claiming to be ill and so didn't want to drink, so I walked up to Satchwells with Steve to meet Gav and Mike. Paul, JV and Tracy came along later and we moved on to the Willoughby and the Well and had a few more beers. It was all going according to plan.

Suddenly it all took a turn for the worse. Bad influence brothers Steve and Gav made me go to Mirage (it could have been worse - we almost ended up in Rios!) where much beer was drunk, much beer was thrown (mainly over me) and much dancing was done. We stayed until the bitter end before moving on to Viallis where I had a truly nasty kebab and nearly got into a fight. We also had a bizarre conversation with someone who was ginger and claiming to be Jesus, an interesting 'note to self' was left on my phone, and I finally got to bed the wrong side of 3.30am.

Amazingly, I was up at 7.30am and in work by 9, mainly hangover free - although I expect that was because I was still drunk. I was a bit scared of driving so I got John to drop me off. I am so responsible.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debbie and the Chocolate Factory

I was sitting around at work on Monday, minding my own business, when another lecturer said to me "how would you like to go to Cadbury's World on Wednesday?" Well, it was an offer I couldn't refuse, even though it later turned out I had to take thirty seventeen year old lads with me. No problem! The risk assessment classed the visit as 'low risk' which I found a bit concerning - have these people not read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Anyway, we went today, and although we all had to sit through an hour long talk about how Cadbury's Schweppes are taking over the world (or something), we were soon roaming around the factory with our faces covered in chocolate. Obviously, the lads were too cool to go on the little car ride or play with the fun exhibits, but at least none of them fell in a chocolate river or turned into a blueberry after eating forbidden confectionary. On the way back I counted heads at least six times, since I've seen Open Water and I know what can happen when people are slapdash about these things. I know there are no sharks in Bournville, but that Mr Cadbury's Parrot is terrifying.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

We are the champions (almost)

After arriving home from the Keynes, we were looking forward to relaxing. I logged on to msn, and Steve told me that we were expected in the Well for the pub quiz in eight minutes. How could we resist?

We started off exceptionally well, with 11 out of 10 on the first round and winning free Apollo cinema tickets. Result. Coincidentally, one of the questions was "who did Richard Kiel play in the James Bond Films" - what are the odds of that?? However, after that it went steadily downhill with the travel, music and gossip rounds, so we were astounded to find out that we were joint second at the end. To solve the tie break John had to compete with two others to ram as many cream crackers as possible in his mouth. He beat them both, and me, John, Steve and Rich became to proud owners of £80 - £20 each. Sweet. We took our money and ran.

Quiz expenditure: £2 for quiz entry, £10 beer. Quiz dividend: £40 winnings, £12 cinema ticket equivalent. Net profit: £40. Well done us.

Playing, shopping, drinking, thinking

After going to bed reasonably early, we were able to aim for our self imposed departure time of 10am (ish) to head off to Milton Keynes for some video gaming.

We actually left around about 11am, which was mainly because John hadn't put his shoes on. We arrived in MK, met up with Gary and a few others and played a bit of Mr Driller, Outrun 2 and WarioWare, before I decided I really couldn't play any more and simply had to go shopping. Lorraine drove me and Kate to MK town where we did a bit of shopping, but more importantly, saw Richard Kiel of Jaws in Moonraker (and such and such) fame. Honest! I could have paid £15 to get an autograph, but with CSI in mind I politely declined. After the shopping expidition I joined up with John, Gaz and MC to go to our hotel where we ate and drank before going on to a mini pub crawl around the outlying hamlets of Milton Keynes.

On Sunday we went to Bletchley Park, where I learned lots about the war and about codes and ciphers, and where my head started to hurt. John kindly explained that the reason I can't decript the Enigma code is because I only think about it for 2 minutes before giving up. Apparently it took a bit longer than that. Not sure why, its only numbers.

Debbie in grown up behaviour shocker

On Friday night we went to Laura's student theme party. John managed to dig out some old and mud encrusted DMs and we dressed in some studentish wear. To make the evening even more student authentic we walked to Laura's house and I left my mobile phone at home (actually, that was accidental).

We took along some cans of Stones (8 for £4.50 - csi) and some sugar cubes soaked in alcohol. We decided that as soon as we had drunk the beer we would go home as we had an earlyish start in the morning. We drank, chatted and listened to some late 90s music. We offered around the sugar cubes, which everyone hated and some people spat out. And by amazingness we left when we'd drunk our beer at 11.30. We were home by 12 and in bed before 12.30. Seems it really can be done. I feel a bit old now.

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Hylands come to tea

Tom and Abbi came for tea last night - we had fajitas. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We also managed to get through four bottles of wine and a jug of Margharita, which is a bit worrying and not very csi.

However, it was a very enjoyable evening which worked out cheaper than the usual Thursday night beerfest followed by Mirage, Viallis and memory lapses. Tom and Abbi both refused to play Singstar so we played a bit of WarioWare instead. John won, but I think he cheated.