Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bring it on, Kenilworth

Tonight, me and John took a trip to Kenilworth to meet up with our friends Steve Salt and Ev. We chose to socialise in the Green Man pub and partake in their Wednesday night quiz. I was a bit concerned as last time we had done the quiz there, it had been gay in the extreme, involving snakes and ladders and all kinds of unnecessary things that you just don't need.

We had a go at the quiz anyway, which began with an anagrams round - no problemo! We did reasonably well in the Crime and Punishment and the Animals rounds, and by the time the Trivia round was scored we realised that amazingly we were in with a shout. The Animation round was a bit of a problem, as we had expected questions about the Simpsons and Futurama, but got lots of Disney questions. We enlisted the help of the mysterious Derek and his encyclopedic knowledge of Aladdin and it all came out OK. The final round was History, but luckily Stefan was at hand to help out by text, and he redeemed himself for all his Newcastle gloating gayness of the last week by informing us that the Beatles were given an MBE in 1965 and the Gunpowder plot was in 1605.

We won the quiz by one point (thanks Stef/Derek!) and got ourselves a bottle of wine. Sweet - but not as sweet as the £180 going to the winner of the 'Play your cards right' game. That so is not right.


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