Monday, October 25, 2004

Cheating Geordie Scum

Yesterday, neighbour was set against neighbour as Newcastle United took on Manchester City. I was convinced that after City's (lucky) battering of Chelsea last week they would win around 7-0. Steve sent me a link to Metro Radio - the world's most biased radio station - so I could listen, as the game wasn't on the TV or on Radio 5.

Everything was fine for the first half - a draw would have been fine. However, in the second half it all went a bit mad and Newcastle cheated their way into a 2-0 lead (penalties and free kicks aren't real goals). The brave City boys fought back to 2-2, and Steve got extremely abusive over msn. Newcastle somehow cheated their way to 3-2 (yes, another free kick), but obviously City equalised again fairly. Unfortunately, it seems the ref was either blind or as had been paid off, as he allowed Newcastle to score the winner.

I had predicted the right number of goals, but the wrong order. Still, City had the moral victory. I resolved never to speak to Steve again, but then John went to play hovercrafts with him. Traitor.


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