Sunday, October 10, 2004

Cheers, beers, fears but no tears

Last night, John, Steve and I went to Pizza Express, where we ate pizza (believe it or not) and had some wine. Yes, I know I said I was never drinking again, but I was obviously lying. Then we went to the Well just for one beer, and yet I managed to leave with some fake plaits and Stefan ended up with a Viking helmet and some badges. Result for him. It all worked out well for me because I was in bed at 11.30pm and got 9.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Today was England v Wales and so we followed the traditional plan of: go to the Townhouse, rearrange furniture, drink beer, watch game, drink beer, and such and such. England beat Wales (is that really a country?) 2-0 and everyone was happy. It then turned out that Paul had brought along conkers and conker drilling paraphernalia and we were legally bound to play - but we had to go to the Bowling Green. Steve won the Conker Cup at the end of a fiercely contested tournament, although he only beat Gav in the first round by the default of Gav having to go to a wedding (apparently he has other friends!). For some loophole in the rules that I cannot recall, I played Stef in the masters. He beat me and then hit me constantly on the leg with his conker. He's a bit mean.

Anyway, we moved on to the Pig and Fiddle (yes, we were that drunk) and to millennium Balti where we ate yummy food and Steve abused me by text. We then went to the Jug where I couldn't finish my beer and John and I sent bizarre text messages to Laura. We then staggered up the road to home where John went to bed while I made it my business to finish the wine. Oh yes, another random day in the world of Debbie.


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