Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debbie and the Chocolate Factory

I was sitting around at work on Monday, minding my own business, when another lecturer said to me "how would you like to go to Cadbury's World on Wednesday?" Well, it was an offer I couldn't refuse, even though it later turned out I had to take thirty seventeen year old lads with me. No problem! The risk assessment classed the visit as 'low risk' which I found a bit concerning - have these people not read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Anyway, we went today, and although we all had to sit through an hour long talk about how Cadbury's Schweppes are taking over the world (or something), we were soon roaming around the factory with our faces covered in chocolate. Obviously, the lads were too cool to go on the little car ride or play with the fun exhibits, but at least none of them fell in a chocolate river or turned into a blueberry after eating forbidden confectionary. On the way back I counted heads at least six times, since I've seen Open Water and I know what can happen when people are slapdash about these things. I know there are no sharks in Bournville, but that Mr Cadbury's Parrot is terrifying.


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