Sunday, October 03, 2004

Debbie in grown up behaviour shocker

On Friday night we went to Laura's student theme party. John managed to dig out some old and mud encrusted DMs and we dressed in some studentish wear. To make the evening even more student authentic we walked to Laura's house and I left my mobile phone at home (actually, that was accidental).

We took along some cans of Stones (8 for £4.50 - csi) and some sugar cubes soaked in alcohol. We decided that as soon as we had drunk the beer we would go home as we had an earlyish start in the morning. We drank, chatted and listened to some late 90s music. We offered around the sugar cubes, which everyone hated and some people spat out. And by amazingness we left when we'd drunk our beer at 11.30. We were home by 12 and in bed before 12.30. Seems it really can be done. I feel a bit old now.


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