Monday, October 25, 2004

Free beer - not necessarily a good thing

Last night John and I joined Steve to go to the Well quiz. We joined up with several other people to form the team of "Jim Bowen's Love Child".

As usual we ambled through the rounds, doing better on some than others, but not coming top in any and so not winning any goodies. That all changed on the fourth round where we tied with some girly team. For the tie breaker, John had to stuff as many cream crackers in his mouth as possible. He did very well, managing to eat about 14, although the girls cheated and claimed he had only eaten 10 or something. The quizmaster saw sense and allowed both teams to win the prize - as many free pints as could be pulled in one minute.

Steve was nominated to be our pint puller, and it seemed he'd done this before as he had the knack. He managed to pull around 15 pints which came back to our table and were drunk astoundingly quickly. It all gets a bit blurry from then on - I think we came second in the quiz, I believe we shouted a lot at the open mic singers, and I have a sore arm this morning so I'm pretty sure Steve hit me several times (he hits girls - he's mean).


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