Sunday, October 10, 2004

I drank what??!??

Well, now the weekend has come to a close, I feel I can lay claim to the world record of the most alcohol drunk by a lady in Leamington Spa in a single weekend (legal term for weekend - 6pm Thursday to 12 midnight Sunday)

Thursday - Occasion: Quiet night out in Leamington. Drinks drunk: Approximately 12 pints. Interesting fact: Almost got into a fight in Viallis, had an in depth conversation with Jesus on the street at 3am.

Friday - Occasion: Steve wants pizza. Drinks drunk: Best part of a bottle of wine, one pint of beer. Interesting fact: Still got 9.5 hours of sleep.

Saturday - Occasion: England v Wales. Drinks drunk: God knows, at least 12 pints plus half a bottle of wine when I got home. Interesting fact: Wales is a country. Also, I found and hid a pack of 100 plastic half pint glasses somewhere, but can't remember where.

Sunday - Occasion: Well pub quiz. Drinks drunk: Six pints plus a can of Chang when I got home. Interesting fact: Won the quiz!

So, in summary, total drinking for the weekend totals around 31 pints, one can of Chang and one and a half bottles of wine. Thats a fair amount. Its a miracle I'm still alive. Beat that one!


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