Sunday, October 17, 2004

John's birthday extravaganza

Yesterday we celebrated John's birthday by eating and drinking (what else would we do?) There was also many attempts at breaking world records.

We started off with an all you can eat Chinese for lunch, and then meandered around the pubs of North East Leamington. By 5pm we were in the Somerville, trying to set a record for eating the most cheese balls out of a pumpkin bucket with a matchstick in 30 seconds. On my turn I managed to ram 15 into my mouth before I inhaled some cheese dust and almost choked to death. My entire life flashed before my eyes and I had visions of "Tragedy of cheese ball choking incident" headlines in the Courier. Luckily, I managed to spit it out and lived to tell the tale. The attempt didn't count, but I am applying for the record of 'closest near death experience related to cheese balls'.

Things looked up when we went to the Cask and Bottle and I watched Manchester City beat Chelsea. Result. Other records were attempted, including ramming straws up one nostril. We moved on to the Builders where yet again it all went wrong. I decided I really had to show off my strawpedoing skills, and managed to drink a blue WKD in around 2.7 seconds. Not content with this, I did a second one in around 4.5 seconds. In hindsight, it was a mistake as I felt so sick I couldn't drink any more for the rest of the night, and my sickness wasn't improved by Steve (and other bad people) suggesting several stomach turning activities. We went to the Tavistock where we met up with Steve Salt and Ev, and a hardcore four of me, John, Tom and Gav went on to Sugar. In conclusion: I am tired.


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