Friday, October 29, 2004

More Thursday drinking

In a break from the normal routine we went out drinking last night (I know - drinking on a Thursday...) John, Paul, Steve and me wandered up to Cuba via the Avenue and the Newbold Bar and Brasserie.

We had a quick one in Cuba, caught up with various other people, found out that Suzanne and JV are engaged (congratulations!) and said goodbye to Matt Baxter as the little fella is leaving. Several people made fun of Steve's jumper (those people are mean - its a nice jumper) and John and Paul went back to the Newbold for one while I headed off to the Well with Steve, Rich and Naomi. After a nightmare getting served I headed over to the Jug, as Paul said he didn't want to go to the Well because its open until 1am and he didn't want to drink too late because he had to pack.

Bearing this in mind, me, John and Paul headed back to ours so Paul could ring a taxi. We drank wine and discussed G-Force until 3am and then Paul walked home. Wonder if he got his packing done.


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