Sunday, October 03, 2004

Playing, shopping, drinking, thinking

After going to bed reasonably early, we were able to aim for our self imposed departure time of 10am (ish) to head off to Milton Keynes for some video gaming.

We actually left around about 11am, which was mainly because John hadn't put his shoes on. We arrived in MK, met up with Gary and a few others and played a bit of Mr Driller, Outrun 2 and WarioWare, before I decided I really couldn't play any more and simply had to go shopping. Lorraine drove me and Kate to MK town where we did a bit of shopping, but more importantly, saw Richard Kiel of Jaws in Moonraker (and such and such) fame. Honest! I could have paid £15 to get an autograph, but with CSI in mind I politely declined. After the shopping expidition I joined up with John, Gaz and MC to go to our hotel where we ate and drank before going on to a mini pub crawl around the outlying hamlets of Milton Keynes.

On Sunday we went to Bletchley Park, where I learned lots about the war and about codes and ciphers, and where my head started to hurt. John kindly explained that the reason I can't decript the Enigma code is because I only think about it for 2 minutes before giving up. Apparently it took a bit longer than that. Not sure why, its only numbers.


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