Saturday, October 23, 2004

Quiet night in - that was the plan

Yesterday John and I were looking forward to a quiet night in as I was tired and he was ill. Steve next door, who is renowned for leading us astray when drinking had also said he was going to chill and have a quiet night in.

So after having a msn discussion about this at approx 4.30pm, me John, Steve and Laura found ourselves in TJs drinking cocktails at 5.30pm - not the usual start to a quiet night in I am sure you will agree. The quiet night in never did materialise, and although every pint was intended to be the last one, we managed to stay out until closing time. Our adventures included going to the Jug where we saw Gaz and MC, Millennium Balti where Steve abused the waiter for not getting 25p off his beer, the Well where we saw Jesus again, and the Avenue where we saw a small child in an apron and flat cap.

We sauntered back to Canal House at around midnight and invited Steve in for a small drink. He used my laptop in order to masquerade as me on msn and randomly abuse people, John dug out and played a bizarre version of 'Our Tune' and the boys drank whisky while I drank beer. Steve left at around 1.30am. In conclusion, if a quiet night in involves going out drinking for eight hours then we did well. Otherwise we failed miserably.


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