Monday, October 18, 2004

Trip to Birmingham Academy

Last night I joined several people to watch GLC at the Birmingham Academy. I had my doubts, as John had bought me the ticket when I had not heard anything by them, and therefore did not understand approx 97% of the conversations going on around me.

I thought I'd better put a bit of effort into listening to some of their stuff since I'd invested £10 in seeing them. I listened to John's ipod for an afternoon and got the general gist of it. My initial opinion was that they were patchy - although the stuff I found funny was very, very funny. I also entered into the general spirit of things by purchasing a nylon leisure wear top from H&M for £4.99. Bargain.

So off we went to Birmingham - a little worse for wear after John's birthday extravaganza - and after listening to the support acts I was expecting the worst. The Chain did turn out to be very entertaining however, and it really did look like they were making money through having a laugh and prancing around, which you have to respect. I recognised most of the stuff, and it was the stuff that I had found funny, so it all worked out well.

This morning, when I was teaching my HND class, one of the students asked me if I was at the Birmingham Academy last night - because he'd seen me there. Seems he thinks I am such a cool teacher now that he hadn't wanted to embarrass me by saying hello to me in front of my friends. Which I am, obviously.


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