Monday, October 11, 2004


Sunday night saw the Well pub quiz arrive yet again. John decided he didn't want to go because he needed rest, and several other people also wussed out (although to be fair, Rich was in Russia). I left John in the house with Google, and Steve and I meandered to the Well where we joined forces with Adam and Mark, and two people called Ben.

We started off reasonably well, and then picked up momentum as the quiz went on. We excelled in the picture round, where by some freak of nature we got ten out of ten, including correctly identifying several people we had never seen before in our lives. What are the odds of that? I wowed the group with my exceptional knowledge of the origins of PacMan and in the end we were clear winners. I celebrated by having several more beers, and I bought Tecwen Whittock John a kebab from Tarsus on the way home, for no real reason as he had nothing to do with the quiz at all. Nothing I tell you, it was won by the skill and knowledge of the team. £12 winnings each. Result.


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