Sunday, October 03, 2004

We are the champions (almost)

After arriving home from the Keynes, we were looking forward to relaxing. I logged on to msn, and Steve told me that we were expected in the Well for the pub quiz in eight minutes. How could we resist?

We started off exceptionally well, with 11 out of 10 on the first round and winning free Apollo cinema tickets. Result. Coincidentally, one of the questions was "who did Richard Kiel play in the James Bond Films" - what are the odds of that?? However, after that it went steadily downhill with the travel, music and gossip rounds, so we were astounded to find out that we were joint second at the end. To solve the tie break John had to compete with two others to ram as many cream crackers as possible in his mouth. He beat them both, and me, John, Steve and Rich became to proud owners of £80 - £20 each. Sweet. We took our money and ran.

Quiz expenditure: £2 for quiz entry, £10 beer. Quiz dividend: £40 winnings, £12 cinema ticket equivalent. Net profit: £40. Well done us.


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