Saturday, October 23, 2004

Website fun

This afternoon I had my 1pm class. I assumed the lads wouldn't be bothered to do a great deal of work since it was their last lesson before half term, so imagine my surprise when one of them said they really wanted to do their presentation today.

So, projector hooked up, class sitting expectantly, student presents this website. Its funny, yes, but what makes it the best website ever is the fact that Robert (small one in blue shirt) is a member of the group. He had managed to keep these photos to himself for two years before they were stumbled upon. We all (except Robert) laughed so hard that we nearly died. Is it the best website ever? Even though presenting student didn't meet any criteria, I am tempted to give him an A grade for entertainment.

Later in the lesson another student mentioned that he enjoyed this site. Is there no end to this groups' talents in amusing website spotting?


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