Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Just to get you up to date

Its been a while since I have written anything in here. This is mainly down to two reasons:

  1. I haven't done that much worth writing about, and
  2. When I have done something worth writing about I've not got round to it
In order to get you, the reader, up to date, I shall summarise. I have.... been shopping in Birmingham... been drinking in the jug with John, Gaz, MC and the mysterious Mandy... bought Singstar2... sung Singstar2... got a sore throat from singing Singstar2 too much... drunk much wine... been to see Joanna Newsom... been for curry at Kismet with John, Gaz, MC and Laura... watched 'I'm a Celebrity' on TV a bit too much... been Christmas shopping in Leam... impulse bought a new sofa and chair... been to the pub quiz at the New Inn with John and Gav (didn't win but got free food)

I think thats everything. I'm sure December will be much more interesting.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Trip to London Village

On Friday, me, John and Laura went to London Village to see Cake and The Decemberists. We had booked a Novotel for me and John to stay in (Laura was being chauffeured home to her parents house that night, and so had no need of a hotel room.) Either Lastminute or Novotel had messed up and lost our booking, which I think was probably down to the Hamlet of London not having adequate telecommunications links yet - bless. After a minor wait we got sorted out with a room and I managed to blag two day's worth of free breakfasts for compensation. Very tasty and very CSI.

Cake and The Decemberists were good, even though Shepherd's Bush Empire was full of Americans, and the world's tallest man with the world's biggest hair was stood in front of me. Tall people really should be more considerate and either a) kneel throughout or b) cut their legs off at the knees before attending these kind of events.

On Saturday, John and I went to Woolwich to visit Ajay and Iciar's new house. We joined them and some Spanish friends, who I vaguely remember from their wedding, in a trip to Camden. We had to leave them at around four to buy some jumpers and scarves, and meet Sean and Karen by the Thames in order to watch some fireworks and go to dinner. The fireworks were spectacular and our Chinese dinner was yummy.

On Sunday we went to the Whitechapel Gallery to see some bizarre drawings by Paul Noble. The man is off his trolley I tell you, but his pictures are good, and must have taken ages and cost a fortune in pencils. I was a bit confused by one room where we had to remove our shoes in order to enter and look at an egg with drawings on it. Mad, mad, mad.

Anyhow, after our cultured art viewing we decided we were very tired and headed towards Marylebone station to catch our train. We then headed to Paddington when we found out that no trains to Leamington were leaving form Marylebone. Honestly, its not like many trains go from London in a day, you would have thought they could sort it out. We eventually escaped London, armed with magazines and train snacks to keep us busy, and had a very uneventful train journey to our home, where we then chilled for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

One less problem

Normally its really hard to park outside Canal House, but since Monday its been a lot easier. Its almost as if its one sixth easier.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The truth is out

So very true... If I don't spend hours with the grease paint I look like this. Terrifying.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The day lunch lasted 12 hours

Yesterday, me and John decided we would like to eat lunch in town. We contacted Laura who told us she was already meeting some other friends in the Lounge and we decide to join them. Steve came too, after we convinced him that it is not going to turn into an all day drinking session.

We had a nice lunch, and then decide to have another couple of beers in the Hogshead, one or two in the Star and Garter and Mackys, before moving on to the Sausage. When we were in the Sausage John had, for reasons best known to himself, set fire to a straw. It was all highly amusing until some molten plastic fell on my hand, burning through about 5 layers of skin. How we laughed and continued drinking.

Finally, we went to the Bowling Green and before we knew it the time was approaching 10pm. At this point we decided the only possible sensible thing to do would be to buy a 24 pack of Chang beer and some kebabs and go back to ours to play bongos. After some drinking, posing, and random horseplay (including fun with chocolate biscuits, Steve declaring himself President of Canal House and John doing the hoovering), we managed to get rid of Steve around 2am. Laura was in no fit state to walk home (she could barely walk upstairs, truth be told) and so she slept in our spare room.

Technically it wasn't classed as all day drinking since we were home before 11. Yes, we continued to drink beer there, but I don't make the rules.

Playing with fire(works)

On Friday night we joined lots of other people at Suzanne and JV's house for fireworks night celebrations. I had been given the task of buying £75 worth of fireworks from Jordans on behalf of John, Gary and JV. When asked the size of the garden we were going to set them off in, I had truthfully* said 'massive - at least 100m', and so had been sold a load of display fireworks.

So, in general, the firework lighting went well with no major incident. Oh, except for a fair few falling over and sending fire balls into the fence, several landing in the neighbour's garden and people sending some sausages and scotch eggs into space (best place for them really). John and JV did the majority of the lighting, totally ignoring the 'bury this in the ground before lighting' instructions and instead propping them up with other fireworks. Alcohol and fireworks - a winning combination.

*by truthfully I mean untruthfully

Friday, November 05, 2004

Do it the mortal way

As I was playing on Donkey Konga last night (with Paul's bongos and Stefan's Gamecube - there's sharing for you) I was half listening in to a conversation between John and our friend Sean. I heard John say something like "Do you have broadband?.... right, well, I can't send you MP3s... hmm... I don't see any way I can get the music to you then". He put the phone down, and joined me playing Donkey Konga, which I used to think was called Donkey Bongos - a much better name for it I think.

Anyhow, I digress... About an hour later, John had a brainwave. How did people send other people music in the olden days? I remember! They used the Royal Mail to send things made out of paper called envelopes and they actually put things in them. Like CDs. How quaint. John phoned Sean back to inform him he was going to send the music on a CD the Mortal Way. Karen answered the phone to give the address and such and such, so I hope Sean isn't too shocked to receive non-electronic correspondance. Apparantly it can take upwards of 24 hours for a parcel to get delivered. The olden days were hell - I really don't know how we put up with it.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Question: Are hotdogs scary?

This weekend John and I travelled to Blackwood in the depths of Wales somewhere to attend a Halloween party at then home of Chris Roper, director of Pug Fugly games, and his wife Rae. We took along two high quality films which we had found for £5 in Fopp - "Zombie Holocaust" and "Zombie Nosh".

So we spent a happy Friday evening eating curry, carving pumpkins (mine and Johns was the best - fact) and watching Zombie Holocaust. The film sucked, but everything else was high quality fun. Saturday was the big Halloween party, and everyone made a huge effort to look horrific, apart from the host who dressed as a hotdog. The highlight of the party was when Chris decided that if his mate ate any catfood, then he would eat twice as much. This led to Chris eating around 50 grams of Whiskas and almost being sick.... and then really being sick in the morning. High quality entertainment.