Sunday, November 07, 2004

The day lunch lasted 12 hours

Yesterday, me and John decided we would like to eat lunch in town. We contacted Laura who told us she was already meeting some other friends in the Lounge and we decide to join them. Steve came too, after we convinced him that it is not going to turn into an all day drinking session.

We had a nice lunch, and then decide to have another couple of beers in the Hogshead, one or two in the Star and Garter and Mackys, before moving on to the Sausage. When we were in the Sausage John had, for reasons best known to himself, set fire to a straw. It was all highly amusing until some molten plastic fell on my hand, burning through about 5 layers of skin. How we laughed and continued drinking.

Finally, we went to the Bowling Green and before we knew it the time was approaching 10pm. At this point we decided the only possible sensible thing to do would be to buy a 24 pack of Chang beer and some kebabs and go back to ours to play bongos. After some drinking, posing, and random horseplay (including fun with chocolate biscuits, Steve declaring himself President of Canal House and John doing the hoovering), we managed to get rid of Steve around 2am. Laura was in no fit state to walk home (she could barely walk upstairs, truth be told) and so she slept in our spare room.

Technically it wasn't classed as all day drinking since we were home before 11. Yes, we continued to drink beer there, but I don't make the rules.


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