Sunday, November 07, 2004

Playing with fire(works)

On Friday night we joined lots of other people at Suzanne and JV's house for fireworks night celebrations. I had been given the task of buying £75 worth of fireworks from Jordans on behalf of John, Gary and JV. When asked the size of the garden we were going to set them off in, I had truthfully* said 'massive - at least 100m', and so had been sold a load of display fireworks.

So, in general, the firework lighting went well with no major incident. Oh, except for a fair few falling over and sending fire balls into the fence, several landing in the neighbour's garden and people sending some sausages and scotch eggs into space (best place for them really). John and JV did the majority of the lighting, totally ignoring the 'bury this in the ground before lighting' instructions and instead propping them up with other fireworks. Alcohol and fireworks - a winning combination.

*by truthfully I mean untruthfully


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