Monday, November 01, 2004

Question: Are hotdogs scary?

This weekend John and I travelled to Blackwood in the depths of Wales somewhere to attend a Halloween party at then home of Chris Roper, director of Pug Fugly games, and his wife Rae. We took along two high quality films which we had found for £5 in Fopp - "Zombie Holocaust" and "Zombie Nosh".

So we spent a happy Friday evening eating curry, carving pumpkins (mine and Johns was the best - fact) and watching Zombie Holocaust. The film sucked, but everything else was high quality fun. Saturday was the big Halloween party, and everyone made a huge effort to look horrific, apart from the host who dressed as a hotdog. The highlight of the party was when Chris decided that if his mate ate any catfood, then he would eat twice as much. This led to Chris eating around 50 grams of Whiskas and almost being sick.... and then really being sick in the morning. High quality entertainment.


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