Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Trip to London Village

On Friday, me, John and Laura went to London Village to see Cake and The Decemberists. We had booked a Novotel for me and John to stay in (Laura was being chauffeured home to her parents house that night, and so had no need of a hotel room.) Either Lastminute or Novotel had messed up and lost our booking, which I think was probably down to the Hamlet of London not having adequate telecommunications links yet - bless. After a minor wait we got sorted out with a room and I managed to blag two day's worth of free breakfasts for compensation. Very tasty and very CSI.

Cake and The Decemberists were good, even though Shepherd's Bush Empire was full of Americans, and the world's tallest man with the world's biggest hair was stood in front of me. Tall people really should be more considerate and either a) kneel throughout or b) cut their legs off at the knees before attending these kind of events.

On Saturday, John and I went to Woolwich to visit Ajay and Iciar's new house. We joined them and some Spanish friends, who I vaguely remember from their wedding, in a trip to Camden. We had to leave them at around four to buy some jumpers and scarves, and meet Sean and Karen by the Thames in order to watch some fireworks and go to dinner. The fireworks were spectacular and our Chinese dinner was yummy.

On Sunday we went to the Whitechapel Gallery to see some bizarre drawings by Paul Noble. The man is off his trolley I tell you, but his pictures are good, and must have taken ages and cost a fortune in pencils. I was a bit confused by one room where we had to remove our shoes in order to enter and look at an egg with drawings on it. Mad, mad, mad.

Anyhow, after our cultured art viewing we decided we were very tired and headed towards Marylebone station to catch our train. We then headed to Paddington when we found out that no trains to Leamington were leaving form Marylebone. Honestly, its not like many trains go from London in a day, you would have thought they could sort it out. We eventually escaped London, armed with magazines and train snacks to keep us busy, and had a very uneventful train journey to our home, where we then chilled for the rest of the evening.


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