Sunday, December 19, 2004

The morning after - an update

Yesterday was a wasted day in the extreme. When I blogged early on, I was confident that my magic tablets had prevented a hangover, despite me drinking approx 7000 units of alcohol on Friday night. Well, they did prevent a hangover, but they did not prevent me being sick. In retrospect it was a complete waste of the bacon and hash browns which stayed in my stomach for about twenty five minutes before they came back up again.

At around 7pm when I had caught up on some sleep and recovered slightly, John and I headed out to get some Chinese food and rent a DVD from Choices. I managed to wear outside clothes for around two hours before getting back into my pyjamas and under the duvet to watch Mean Girls (the film, not the girls). Two hours may not seem like much, but its two hours more than I managed the day after the IBM ball last year. Mean Girls was actually quite good, and I got some excellent ideas for revenge (so do not cross me...)

I would say I feel 89% better today, but still not quite right. I think I might have broken my liver. Never drinking again*

*By never drinking again I mean never drinking again until next time I drink

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Mr Ford-Hutchinson's world of hats

As a tribute to the ever popular Mr Monkey's World of Hats, I have decided to create a blog entry recognising PFH's feelings concerning hats. Sometimes he is puzzled, sometimes he is amazed.

I love you magic tablets

Last night/this morning was the IBM dinner dance ball thing, so John and I dressed in our fine clothes and headed off to the Metropole with Tom and Abbi who had kindly offered us a lift. Several other people turned up later, and we embarked on a drinkathon, despite me saying that I wasn't going to drink very much this year.

As a precaution I apologised in advance to everyone at my table for anything I might do or say later, and then set about drinking everything in sight, assuming that because I had taken magic hangover prevention tablets I would be fine in the morning. John's photos tell the story of the night better than I ever could, but I do vaguely remember:
  • Eating Christmas dinner
  • Raiding the Next Directory party and leaving with several bottles of wine, various Santa hats and a bucket of beer
  • Being turned away from the Next Directory party (the cheek of it)
  • Talking rubbish to a range of people
  • Drinking wine straight from the bottle
  • Getting home at around 4.30am and tidying the bedroom

So, in conclusion, I got very very drunk. However, this morning I feel reasonably fine. I am tired and have a slight headache, but other than that no problem. However, this might be because I am still drunk.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Not feeling the best

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to get out of bed at 6.30 in the morning (yes, apparently there is a 6.30 in the morning) to catch a train to London for a dull examiner's meeting. The journey was livened up a bit by the train catching fire just outside Bicester. Since most of the people on the train didn't seem to care that smoke was billowing about and engineers were running around I followed their example and ignored it too. It all turned out fine and we got into Marylebone only 30 minutes late. I also entertained myself by giving huge tips to taxi drivers and charging it to Edexcel.

After I got home I only had time for a quick change before picking up MC and joining the drunken IBM/GXS revellers in the Jug where they continued their Christmas themed all day drinking session. All the usual people were there, and I met a few new people including Gav's friend Jessie who had come all the way from India to hang out with us. As I had some catching up to do I started drinking pints like there was no tomorrow and managed to get very drunk very quickly. I have some vague and fuzzy memories of jamming people in a phonebox, Paul throwing things about, talking rubbish to Tom and going for a curry. I believe I have Barker to thank for that brilliant idea.

In conclusion: I got drunk, stuff happened and I didn't feel too good this morning. Never drinking again.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Low quality pubs of Leamington Spa #1

On Saturday night several of us went to the grand re-opening of the LDB (Lock Dock and Barrel if you are not aware). Its the closest pub to our house and so we had high hopes of a nice, cheap place to hang out in with some foxy ladies for Steve to eye up.

It was packed, and still had bizarre quotes and brands painted on the walls from when it was run by some woman. It now appears to be run by the Portugese bloke who owns the deli next door and several amateurs who don't know the cost of their own drinks and run out of change. Mind you, there were free samosas on offer which were very tasty.

So after everyone had turned up we all wandered down to the Jug which isn't exactly a major trek from our house either. Tom kindly lent me his coat as I had been following Steve's example and wandering around outside in December in a tshirt, which I now realise is stupid. We remained in the Jug for the rest of the night, impressed by their dark walls, accurate pricing and availability of change. Lack of free food was a small price to pay.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Mr Monkey's world of hats

Whilst surfing the internet today I stumbled upon this site which I just had to share. It seems someone has a lot of time on their hands. I think the monkey should get together with the hat wearing bear to discuss hats, swap hat care tips and such and such.

Normal drinking service resumes

I knew that this lack of going out drinking wouldn't last forever, and I had an inkling that it would start again in December - well known as the month of parties.

So last night I was looking forward to a quiet night in watching "I'm a Celebrity..." when Laura phoned to see if we fancied going for a few drinks. After a bit of negotiation about who, when, where, what and why, me John and Steve met Laura in Pizza hut for a very CSI pizza. By very CSI I mean free since Steve had won a meal for four at the Well quiz and he shared it with us. What a nice man.

After our pizzas and a couple of bottles of wine we headed to the Jug where we continued to drink. In a typical Leamington way we saw several people we knew, including Jo who lives above our kitchen, Rosie from work and her boyfriend who drives a digger. John was very jealous.

After we were thrown out of the jug at midnight we wandered back to our house where we drank a little more and played Singstar2. Laura and Steve left (suspiciously) at the same time at around 2am.