Saturday, December 18, 2004

I love you magic tablets

Last night/this morning was the IBM dinner dance ball thing, so John and I dressed in our fine clothes and headed off to the Metropole with Tom and Abbi who had kindly offered us a lift. Several other people turned up later, and we embarked on a drinkathon, despite me saying that I wasn't going to drink very much this year.

As a precaution I apologised in advance to everyone at my table for anything I might do or say later, and then set about drinking everything in sight, assuming that because I had taken magic hangover prevention tablets I would be fine in the morning. John's photos tell the story of the night better than I ever could, but I do vaguely remember:
  • Eating Christmas dinner
  • Raiding the Next Directory party and leaving with several bottles of wine, various Santa hats and a bucket of beer
  • Being turned away from the Next Directory party (the cheek of it)
  • Talking rubbish to a range of people
  • Drinking wine straight from the bottle
  • Getting home at around 4.30am and tidying the bedroom

So, in conclusion, I got very very drunk. However, this morning I feel reasonably fine. I am tired and have a slight headache, but other than that no problem. However, this might be because I am still drunk.


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