Monday, December 06, 2004

Low quality pubs of Leamington Spa #1

On Saturday night several of us went to the grand re-opening of the LDB (Lock Dock and Barrel if you are not aware). Its the closest pub to our house and so we had high hopes of a nice, cheap place to hang out in with some foxy ladies for Steve to eye up.

It was packed, and still had bizarre quotes and brands painted on the walls from when it was run by some woman. It now appears to be run by the Portugese bloke who owns the deli next door and several amateurs who don't know the cost of their own drinks and run out of change. Mind you, there were free samosas on offer which were very tasty.

So after everyone had turned up we all wandered down to the Jug which isn't exactly a major trek from our house either. Tom kindly lent me his coat as I had been following Steve's example and wandering around outside in December in a tshirt, which I now realise is stupid. We remained in the Jug for the rest of the night, impressed by their dark walls, accurate pricing and availability of change. Lack of free food was a small price to pay.


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