Sunday, December 19, 2004

The morning after - an update

Yesterday was a wasted day in the extreme. When I blogged early on, I was confident that my magic tablets had prevented a hangover, despite me drinking approx 7000 units of alcohol on Friday night. Well, they did prevent a hangover, but they did not prevent me being sick. In retrospect it was a complete waste of the bacon and hash browns which stayed in my stomach for about twenty five minutes before they came back up again.

At around 7pm when I had caught up on some sleep and recovered slightly, John and I headed out to get some Chinese food and rent a DVD from Choices. I managed to wear outside clothes for around two hours before getting back into my pyjamas and under the duvet to watch Mean Girls (the film, not the girls). Two hours may not seem like much, but its two hours more than I managed the day after the IBM ball last year. Mean Girls was actually quite good, and I got some excellent ideas for revenge (so do not cross me...)

I would say I feel 89% better today, but still not quite right. I think I might have broken my liver. Never drinking again*

*By never drinking again I mean never drinking again until next time I drink


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