Saturday, December 04, 2004

Normal drinking service resumes

I knew that this lack of going out drinking wouldn't last forever, and I had an inkling that it would start again in December - well known as the month of parties.

So last night I was looking forward to a quiet night in watching "I'm a Celebrity..." when Laura phoned to see if we fancied going for a few drinks. After a bit of negotiation about who, when, where, what and why, me John and Steve met Laura in Pizza hut for a very CSI pizza. By very CSI I mean free since Steve had won a meal for four at the Well quiz and he shared it with us. What a nice man.

After our pizzas and a couple of bottles of wine we headed to the Jug where we continued to drink. In a typical Leamington way we saw several people we knew, including Jo who lives above our kitchen, Rosie from work and her boyfriend who drives a digger. John was very jealous.

After we were thrown out of the jug at midnight we wandered back to our house where we drank a little more and played Singstar2. Laura and Steve left (suspiciously) at the same time at around 2am.


Blogger Jerome said...

I love drinking but drinking don't love me, I easily get drunk.

My brother who is a bartender in our little wine store in Mexico City really takes effort and time in getting an rsa online course for him to have background and knowledge on it.

6:28 PM


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