Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Not feeling the best

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to get out of bed at 6.30 in the morning (yes, apparently there is a 6.30 in the morning) to catch a train to London for a dull examiner's meeting. The journey was livened up a bit by the train catching fire just outside Bicester. Since most of the people on the train didn't seem to care that smoke was billowing about and engineers were running around I followed their example and ignored it too. It all turned out fine and we got into Marylebone only 30 minutes late. I also entertained myself by giving huge tips to taxi drivers and charging it to Edexcel.

After I got home I only had time for a quick change before picking up MC and joining the drunken IBM/GXS revellers in the Jug where they continued their Christmas themed all day drinking session. All the usual people were there, and I met a few new people including Gav's friend Jessie who had come all the way from India to hang out with us. As I had some catching up to do I started drinking pints like there was no tomorrow and managed to get very drunk very quickly. I have some vague and fuzzy memories of jamming people in a phonebox, Paul throwing things about, talking rubbish to Tom and going for a curry. I believe I have Barker to thank for that brilliant idea.

In conclusion: I got drunk, stuff happened and I didn't feel too good this morning. Never drinking again.


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