Sunday, January 16, 2005

Birmingham drinking entertainment

Last night we marked the month of birthdays with a joint celebration in Birmingham. Since Gav and myself had already had our own celebrations, it was mainly Gary's night out really.

We started off in Santa Fe restaurant and cocktail bar, where we had nice food and cocktails - margharita and two mojitos (one classic on chocolate) for me. Mmmmmmmmm.... Phoenix and Pete caught up with us here and gave me a fab gift of a coffin 'Nightmare before Chrismas bag'. Cool and very useful for the evening. After cocktails we moseyed on to some pub which name I forget, where Gary pulled some bloke whose name was Dave and who was gay. I know this because he came up to Gary and said "Hello, my name is Dave and I am gay". That was funny, but for some reason not as funny as a story about someone called Gary Greenwell, which made me cry with laughter. I'm not sure why since it wasn't really his name and wasn't that funny anyway.

After pub closing, we headed for the main event - Edwards! After a slight queue we set about buying drinks and exploring. The beer was extremely cheap, which is always a bonus, and the place was full of bizarrely dressed freaks (always a bonus too). We did a fair amount of dancing and a bit of drinking, and some of us made new friends (Tracy?) All in all, much fun was had by all.

After building up an appetite from flailing around, we headed to Shahs, where we had tasty food and Paul continued his tradition of breaking glasses after drinking mojitos by smashing a wine glass, and I also spoke to Mandy on the phone for a while. Shah's called us a taxi at 3.30am, and I thanked them by stealing a nice Cobra glass from the table.


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