Friday, February 18, 2005

Evil Warwickshire Speed Cameras

This morning I (well, John technically) received a letter from Warwickshire police claiming I had been speeding in Nuneaton last Sunday.

Now, when I was caught doing 36 in a 30 zone on Primrose Hill in Warwick I was a little annoyed, but I accepted I had been speeding and caught and fair enough, I took the points and paid the fine. However, since then I have been a very careful driver as I didn't want the police getting their grubby mitts on any more of my money (or my driving licence come to think of it) so I have been extra specially careful not to speed at any time. Ever. So, I can only conclude that the area I was 'speeding' in was either not signposted clearly, or I wasn't actually really speeding.

I decided that instead of just blindly paying the fine I would look into appealing against it, starting with checking that I actually was speeding by getting the speed camera photo, only to find out that:

  • I have to pay £10 and get a copy of the photo
  • I can't get a copy of the photo unless I take the matter to court
  • If I appeal and take it to court and fail then I might have to pay a fine of £1000 and get 6 penalty points

    Taking all this into account - and because I know there is no way I would win in court anyway - I have decided to put up with it and pay up, but it has made me wonder how many other people who are convinced they have been unfairly accused of speeding have just put up with it because they are scared of going to court.

    Anyway, from now on I will be taking the precaution of driving at under 30mph everywhere. So I recommend you don't drive behind me, or get a lift with me, if you are in a hurry.


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