Friday, March 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Rich

Last night we went up Leamington town to help celebrate Rich Headworth's birthday. It was also someone else's birthday whose name I cannot recall.

The turn out from G-International was quite poor (I remember the days when anyone who was anyone was out on a Thursday), but we moseyed up to the Old Butchers where we ate food with Gary and MC, before Rich, Steve and their cronies and then JV, Tracy and Ian joined us.

We sensibly (a bit too sensibly...) turned down a trip to Rios, and instead went to the Jug with a drunken Ian who told us what was what and set the world to rights.

I'm all for the return of large scale Thursday night drinking. Getting to bed at three thirty and up at seven thirty was fun. Going to Mirage kept me in with the kids. Laughing at other peoples' hangovers was funny. When did everyone get so sensible?


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