Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Tom!

Last night was Tom's birthday celebration in the Jug and Milleniyummy. Ajay and Iciar had come from London to help Tom celebrate, but unfortunately they had brought keys to their flat that didn't work and so couldn't get in to their own house. Since we couldn't allow them to sleep in the gutter we offered them our spare bedroom. It was the least we could do, and Ajay rewarded our kindness by buying us lunch today. Gary Barker: take note.

So out we went drinking and a whole range of people came out. Its all a little blurry, but I remember talking rubbish to many people, getting a 41st birthday shoutout for Tom in the Jug, giving him the bumps on the street outside, eating tasty curry and going back to ours for water and orange squash (honest!) I also thought I saw Steve drinking beer, but I must have been drunk/mistaken as he had vowed not to drink for 2 weeks. Some people just have no willpower.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iciar = a beer bottle

11:50 PM


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