Monday, March 07, 2005

Never been so cold in my life

Last weekend we went on a canal trip, organised by Paul and Simon (thanks!) and attended by lots of nice people. I skipped work on Friday afternoon (don't think the kids cared too much) and John and I met Paul, Simon, Gav and Mandy at the Boat Inn over Stockton way. The weather had been raining, thundering, lightning and snowing during the morning, but we were confident that the weather for the rest of the weekend would be hot and sunny.

After a few beers in the Boat Inn we went to meet our boats - Richard John and Samuel James - and were soon sailing (and crashing) along happily. I even had a go at driving, I was brill. We navigated through a few locks and were soon at The Folly where we were to meet up with Gary, MC, Suzanne and JV. Since we had been freezing on the boats we were looking forwards to being toasty warm in the pub. Unfortunately, the pub was freezing cold, but it did serve a tasty pie, so I forgave them.

On Saturday it snowed, rained and hailed, but we wrapped up warm and met up with Nicky, Ed and their boys for lunch. I also wrote a true description of the trip in the boat's logbook, but since my brain froze a little I may have made a bit up. At one point, John fell into the canal, probably due to horseplay, but sadly I did not capture the moment on camera. Dinner on Saturday was at The Wharf in Fenny Compton, where I had a nice steak and then almost fell asleep into my beer.

On Sunday we had to sail all the way back to Stockton, which meant an earlish start (up at 8am on a Sunday!) Captain Barker sailed our boat most of the time on Sunday, while me, John and MC worked the locks and John almost fell in the canal again. We arrived back in good time, and performed some car related shenanigans before me, John, Paul and Simon went for Sunday tea in the Boat Inn and everyone else cleared off home. After a good feed John and I went home where I slept for 10 hours non stop. Its a tiring business this canalling lark.

Oh yes, there are photos here.


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