Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Powergen - pure evil

I opened a letter from Powergen today, assuming it was either a bill, or one of those annoying offer things you get from these kind of people. Instead I was intrigued to find a letter with "NOTICE OF DEBT COLLECTION VISIT" on it in big capital letters, like the example earlier in this paragraph.

Since I pay all such bills automatically, I thought that maybe my bank had messed up, so I checked and found that the last payment was made on 17th February, with the next not being due until 17th March. In no way was my payment overdue. I phoned Powergen to sort it out, and after being put on hold for approximately 7 hours, I was told that they had sent me the wrong letter. They were very sorry, it wouldn't happen again. Well that's OK then*. They also asked me if I considered buying gas from them. Funnily enough, no.

Anyway, the supervisor is supposed to be phoning me back tonight as I have requested compensation for my valuable time and stress caused. Free electricity for a year would be just about fair, I think.

*Actually, it isn't.


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