Friday, March 25, 2005

Trip to Chav Central

Believe it or not, up until yesterday, I hadn't drunk any alcohol for four days. There was no reason for it really, I just wanted to see how long I could last. Anyway, I decided that I should put an end to that madness and go out and get drunk.

So me and John, neighbour Steve, Paul , Gary and MC went off to the Townhouse, and there were some vague plans to meet up with other people later on. We moved onto the Newbold (where we played the easiest quiz machine in the world) and then to the Jug, and then Steve and I decided we would like to go to Mirage. The others were too old/ill/tired to come, and the other people we had meant to meet up with had gone to Mumbai Bluu (why?)

So off me and Steve went to Mirage, and my extensive network of Leamington contacts came in useful as one of my students works on the door and so we got in for free. Not only that, but we didn't have to queue. Not only that, but when the security woman wanted to check my bag, Tony (head-doorman, my new friend) said, "No, they are our guests" and we strolled straight in. Steve said it made him feel special. Steve, you are special.

It all gets a little blurry after that (thanks, £1 beer!), but I do remember: Mirage being full of Chavs, Steve shouting "Chav" and pointing to everyone, trying to shut Steve up before he got beaten up, seeing a couple of old students, seeing Adrian from upstairs, flailing around, getting injured in several ways, buying chips from Viallis, talking to someone ginger in Viallis, hardly being able to walk home (me because of shoes, Steve because of beer). All in all, it was a fitting end to not drinking I think.


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