Sunday, March 13, 2005

Weekend report

I know there's people out there who want to be kept up to date with my every move. I call them stalkers (Hi Steve!), but for everyone's benefit and general entertainment, here is how I have spent my weekend.

Friday. John had been getting beered up all afternoon since Douggy Fresh was leaving IBM. Although he was a little the worse for wear when he came home, we agreed to go for a curry with Steve. John then came home for a nap - he's 31 years old, you know - while Steve and I remained in TJs drinking beer and talking rubbish. I can't remember exactly what we talked about, but we giggled like girls so it must have been funny.

Saturday. Lunch up town with Laura in 'The Sausage'. Its been done up and has fab wallpaper with bookshelves on it. We had a good feed and then perused the charity shops of Leamington before meeting up with Laura's two gay dads for a quick drink in the lounge. Then home for citrus chicken, Alien Vs Predator (my opinion: very good), CSI:NY and wine.

Sunday. John needed a new jacket so off we went to Solihull. We bought: a jacket, some new coasters and a salt pig (for putting salt in, apparently). Tonight we are thinking of watching Midsomer Murders.


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