Thursday, April 28, 2005

Carnival of Torture

Me and John watched series 1 and 2 of 24 on BBC2 before the evil Sky people bought it. Since we didn't have Sky (and didn't want to get it) we decided to wait until series 3 came on DVD.

Series 2 had not been brilliant - mainly due to the cougar and Jack death nonsense - but it had still been entertaining. It was also the series which led to 24 being known as Carnival of Torture after the cutting off of the head incident and other random torturing.

Anyway, we have borrowed series 3 on DVD, and I think it is back to a good standard. We have managed to watch about 13 hours so far, and have seen approximately 671 killings and 28 incidents of torture. I recommend it, but that idiot Chappelle from Division.... he makes me so mad...

Mexican Fiesta

On Saturday, Laura phoned us to ask if we wanted to go out drinking that night. Unfortunately, due to the previous night's Happy Friday, we were a little tired and wanted to settle down and watch 24, so we invited Laura to tea on Sunday instead.

We had envisaged giving Laura some kind of shoddy leftovers and/or takeaway, but it just so happened that we had some chilli, tortilla chips, soured cream, an advocado, tortillas, limes, tequilla and triple sec lying around and so John impressively created a sumptuous mexican feast, including a jug of margharita, which we ate in a civilized manner in the conservatory.

Afterwards, and probably with a little to do with the margharita, Laura restarted her blog, and we listened to increasingly bizarre music until she left at a reasonable hour to prepare for her new job.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Friday night pizza and beer

I was feeling a little tired on Friday, and John was hungover, so we thought we would go to Pizza hut for tea and maybe just for one quiet drink afterwards. We also invited neighbour Steve along to make it into a Canal House social occasion. John had been very excited by the adverts for 4forall pizza, so we had one of those, and Steve asked for his Pizza base to be a 'fluffy pan' - 'fluffy' was a description of the base, not the name. I suppose you just had to be there, but I laughed so much that I cried.

After the Pizza, we went on an accidental pub crawl to the Jug, Avenue and Kelseys, in search of somewhere where we could sit down. After Kelseys, John announced he was tired and decided to go home while Steve and I went to the Well for one more drink, which turned into two (well, I had to buy him one back, didn't I?), which turned into several. At this point I was really about to leave, but Steve apprehended some chav scoundrel who was stealing beer and gained us some free drinks for his heroics. It would have been ungrateful to the nice barman to turn it down, wouldn't it?

Steve, a little drunk, with reward

After this it was closing time, but we accidentally got locked in the pub and somehow ended up with more drinks. I think it was about 2.30 when I finally got home. Not exactly 'one quiet drink', but certainly entertaining.

Beers on a Thursday

On Thursday afternoon I recieved a msn message from neighbour Steve asking what me and John were up to that night. I sensed danger, but didn't take much convincing to agree to go to the Jug for a 'few sociable drinks', and managed to talk John into it too.

Sadly for Steve, his main reason for suggesting the Jug didn't materialise, but we settled down for some beers (not wine) and chitchat. Paul, Rich and Ian joined us later and we continued the chitchattingness and drinking fun.

I think I must have drunk more than I thought, because I almost went to Mirage with Tracy (who had been in Bar 44 for some reason), but even though I had arranged with Mirage Ali to skip the queue and get in for free, I saw sense and went home at Jug throwing out time instead. So sensible, so responsible, that's me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Llama Llama Duck

I'm not sure whether this is a work of pure genius or just really annoying. You decide, but be warned: once you have listened to it you will never get it out of your head.

Moderation is the key

On Monday night I joined John, Steve and Gav in the Jug to see some music. I was going to drink lemonade after my alcohol related adventures at the weekend had put me off beer a little, but John convinced me to drink in moderation (I didn't take much convincing, truth be told.)

The music consisted of The Royal Finger Puppets and The Samurai Seven rocking, jumping around and playing guitars. It was all very entertaining and John liked The Samurai Seven so much he bought the CD.

I had merely three drinks, wasn't led astray, remembered everything, felt fine in the morning and didn't go home with any random items of clothing. Drinking sensibly is fantastic. I'm only going to drink in moderation from now on.*

*Until I have so much to drink that I forget to drink in moderation.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Been there, done that, bought the tshirt

It appears the Silx tshirt mystery is solved. According to Paul, who obviously didn't drink enough, I really wanted a souvenir of going to Silx for evidence that I had been there. The only item with 'Silx' printed on it was the barman's shirt, which he offered to me for £10. I only had £6 so after some attempt at bartering Paul lent me £4 and the barman gave me the shirt right off his back. I recall very little of this.

Fortunately, I now never have to go the Silx again. Probably for the best.

Spirals: Scarier than you might think

On Saturday I wasn't feeling my best due to excessive alcohol intake on Friday night, but I did manage to arrange lunch with Laura. After taking around 3 hours to get dressed (see above) and 4 hours to walk up the parade (see crane disassembling story), John and I finally met Laura in Moo only 40 minutes late.

We had some tasty burgers and chips and then wandered around the shops before going to Choices to select some films to keep us out of trouble that night. We selected two Japanese films (aren't we intellectual) and "Ripley's Game" and wandered home.

Just as we had settled down to watch Uzumaki, we received a phone call from Dave Bradshaw who happened to be in the area. John invited him round to see our house and have a catch up. After tales of his jet setting high-life, Dave left at around 11 and we finally got round to watching Uzumaki, which was about killer spirals and was a little bizarre.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sometimes I scare myself...

...I really do. And not when I look in the mirror, Steve! Last night, John and I joined neighbour Steve for a canal house social of food and drink, as is turning into a delightful Friday night traditition.

After some good food and beers in King Babba we headed over to the Jug. The scene was set when John came back from the bar with two bottles of wine between three of us to 'save time'. As we drank several other people, including Gav, Paul and Ian came along to join the socialivity. There was talking, there was drinking, there was fighting (well, slapping) more drinking, and I think the three of us got through around six or seven bottles of wine.

The sensible thing to do at Jug chucking out time would be to go home and go to bed, but no - I got it into my head that I really wanted to go to Club Silx (formerly Options), and Paul agreed to come with me. I remember entering Silx, I remember buying drinks, and I remember the Mirage medley of doom being played, but I don't remember anything else - I don't remember leaving, coming home, going to bed or how I obtained a Club Silx t-shirt. Maybe the contents of this photo have something to do with my loss of memory:

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Catch up

I forgot to blog last week and over the weekend and this week, so here is a speedy catch up for all:

Wednesday: Watched "The Grudge" (the film, not the ummm... grudge) which scared the bijesus out of me. Really. There wasn't much else to it to be honest, but it scared me good.

Thursday: Went with John to the Jug for 'one quick drink' to calm my nerves after the cleaner's daughter (who looks spookily like the scary Grudge person) crept up on me and gave me a fright. Had several drinks with John, Paul, Gav, Gary and MC before going to Ruby Chinese on Park Street for a tasty dinner and then onto Bubbles and the Bowling Green for a couple.

Friday: Went for a curry and a few drinks with John and neighbour Steve. Had nice food in Kismet and went to the Jug for a quiet drink. Due to Steve's influence we drank white wine. We must have drunk several bottles as I vaguely recall standing on Clements Street at 12.30am, and didn't at all remember Steve lifting up John in an attempt to stick the eyes on the poster under the bridge several days later.

Saturday: Felt a bit odd, but managed to go up town to buy a desk (for my exam marking adventures in the summer) and to Coventry to buy a chair and a filing cabinet. In the evening we watched "The Forgotten" which I had never heard of, but was very good. Recommended.

Sunday: Went to Birmingham to see Joanna Newsom. Had a quick shop and dinner in Las Iguanas (bargain fiesta) before going to the Glee club. It seemed Joanna had cut her thumb, so she superglued it back up on stage. I see nothing wrong with that course of action.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Trip up north

As it is the Easter holidays, and as I had nothing planned for Sunday or Monday, I thought I'd nip up north to see my family.

On Sunday night I went around to see my brothers' new houses - very nice too, and full of fancy furniture and accessories, although it was a little bit odd and disturbing to see my brothers standing around discussing tea cups and saucers.

Also, it turns out that a new ITV drama called 'Vincent' is being filmed in Heywood, the delightful town I was born in. My mum told me that they had been filming outside my old primary school, and it had been in the paper that a load of local chavs started throwing bricks at the cast. Nice - but the local paper said the location was chosen because it was a bit grimy, so it serves them right really.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

We meet Stu

Today, John and I finally met Stu, who Laura has been hanging out with (to put it politely) for the past few weeks. They're off to Amsterdam together next week, so obviously John and I had to give our approval.

We met up in Toyk for lunch and had a chitchat, and Stu seems very nice. Bit Brummie, but very nice. Below is a photo recording the occasion:

Laura, Stu and some halfwit

Phoenix visits and Easter party

On Friday, Phoenix came to visit. After we had caught up on the gossip, we went round to see Steve, as Phoenix had never met him but had heard so much about him through the medium of blog. After meeting him, her opinion was that he is cute. In a neighbour / hamster kind of way.

We thought we had better let Steve get on with his important work, and so we wandered up into Leamington, and lunched in the Lounge. Phoenix had the world's largest ever Salad Nicoise (ordered without eggs - some people are so fussy...) and then we explored the shops and drank coffee and innocent fruit drink in Starbucks. Unfortunately, Phoenix then had to leave to collect Pete who apparently gets distressed if he's not rescued from Solihull at five o'clock on the dot. Who can blame him?

On Friday night, John and I went to Gav's house for some kind of Easter and Verity's birthday extravaganza. We didn't stay long as we were both feeling very tired (see this week's previous posts). While we were there we painted eggs and admired Gav's new Mac mini which is very fancy and has made John want one even more. We were also given several hundred cornflake crispies to take home. We went home at 10pm (shocking!) and watched CSI under the duvet for the rest of the night.

Day in Stratford

I continued my theme of being sociable and eating lunch on Thursday as I went with Laura on the train to Stratford for a day out. The aim was to shop, eat and drink, and I think we managed to meet these objectives well.

As we didn't want to get out of bed too early, we arrived in Stratford at lunch time and headed to the Dirty Duck for food and wine. Very nice too. After lunch it was time to hit the shops. Lush and H&M called loudly, and we also went to an all year Christmas shop (we had to leave before I killed someone) and a craft shop aimed at the 'discerning crafter' - thats me and Laura, you know. We also went to the London Souvenir shop (in Stratford, yes) where I bought some cool London Underground flip flops, before heading home via Hathaway's tea shop.

While we were wandering around Stratford, I took the opportunity to record the following:

Warwickshire Police, can't park, not fighting crime

After we arrived back in Leamington we decided to go to TJ's for a quick cocktail, and John joined us. This turned into three pints in the Bowling Green and a curry at Ali Babas before calling it a day and returning home to watch Desperate Housewives.

England v Azerbaijan

On Wednesday evening, John and I braved the pouring rain to join several people in the Townhouse to watch England play Azerbaijan. We wandered along at around seven, dried ourselves off, rearranged the furniture, and settled down to watch the match. I had been promised by both the BBC Sport website and the Daily Mirror that it was going to be at least 10-0 to England, but we had to make do with 2-0 in a slightly dull match.

I did impress people (well, John) by pointing out that a player can be yellow carded for deliberately playing without a boot on, about 2 seconds before Beckham was yellow carded for deliberately playing without a boot on. As this fascinating Q&A shows, players can also be booked for using a mobile phone or lighting a cigarette. I would like to see that on Match of the Day.

To contain our excitement after the football, me, John, Paul, Gary and MC went to the Bowling Green where we drank beer and talked rubbish.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Lunch and German powerstations

Normally when I am on college holidays I hang around the house, eating toast and watching repeats of Moonlighting on the ABC channel. These Easter holidays, however, I have decided to be more sociable and make good use of my time.

I started on Tuesday. Neighbour Steve was at home too, so we went up town for a spot of lunch and shopping. Turns out Steve is rubbish at shopping, but he saved me money by telling me that everything I looked at belonged on a bag lady. Cheers. He also became extremely embarrassed when I took him to the House of Fraser underwear section and we had to leave before he started crying. We had lunch at the Old Butchers (steak sandwich - highly recommended) and abused several people. Fun.

On Tuesday night we attended a Canal House residents meeting at Kerry's flat before going to play a boardgame about German powerstations in Baroque (we played in Baroque, the powerstations were not in Baroque) with John, Paul, Gary and MC. I am not ashamed to say I lost.