Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beers on a Thursday

On Thursday afternoon I recieved a msn message from neighbour Steve asking what me and John were up to that night. I sensed danger, but didn't take much convincing to agree to go to the Jug for a 'few sociable drinks', and managed to talk John into it too.

Sadly for Steve, his main reason for suggesting the Jug didn't materialise, but we settled down for some beers (not wine) and chitchat. Paul, Rich and Ian joined us later and we continued the chitchattingness and drinking fun.

I think I must have drunk more than I thought, because I almost went to Mirage with Tracy (who had been in Bar 44 for some reason), but even though I had arranged with Mirage Ali to skip the queue and get in for free, I saw sense and went home at Jug throwing out time instead. So sensible, so responsible, that's me.


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