Thursday, April 14, 2005

Catch up

I forgot to blog last week and over the weekend and this week, so here is a speedy catch up for all:

Wednesday: Watched "The Grudge" (the film, not the ummm... grudge) which scared the bijesus out of me. Really. There wasn't much else to it to be honest, but it scared me good.

Thursday: Went with John to the Jug for 'one quick drink' to calm my nerves after the cleaner's daughter (who looks spookily like the scary Grudge person) crept up on me and gave me a fright. Had several drinks with John, Paul, Gav, Gary and MC before going to Ruby Chinese on Park Street for a tasty dinner and then onto Bubbles and the Bowling Green for a couple.

Friday: Went for a curry and a few drinks with John and neighbour Steve. Had nice food in Kismet and went to the Jug for a quiet drink. Due to Steve's influence we drank white wine. We must have drunk several bottles as I vaguely recall standing on Clements Street at 12.30am, and didn't at all remember Steve lifting up John in an attempt to stick the eyes on the poster under the bridge several days later.

Saturday: Felt a bit odd, but managed to go up town to buy a desk (for my exam marking adventures in the summer) and to Coventry to buy a chair and a filing cabinet. In the evening we watched "The Forgotten" which I had never heard of, but was very good. Recommended.

Sunday: Went to Birmingham to see Joanna Newsom. Had a quick shop and dinner in Las Iguanas (bargain fiesta) before going to the Glee club. It seemed Joanna had cut her thumb, so she superglued it back up on stage. I see nothing wrong with that course of action.


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