Saturday, April 02, 2005

Day in Stratford

I continued my theme of being sociable and eating lunch on Thursday as I went with Laura on the train to Stratford for a day out. The aim was to shop, eat and drink, and I think we managed to meet these objectives well.

As we didn't want to get out of bed too early, we arrived in Stratford at lunch time and headed to the Dirty Duck for food and wine. Very nice too. After lunch it was time to hit the shops. Lush and H&M called loudly, and we also went to an all year Christmas shop (we had to leave before I killed someone) and a craft shop aimed at the 'discerning crafter' - thats me and Laura, you know. We also went to the London Souvenir shop (in Stratford, yes) where I bought some cool London Underground flip flops, before heading home via Hathaway's tea shop.

While we were wandering around Stratford, I took the opportunity to record the following:

Warwickshire Police, can't park, not fighting crime

After we arrived back in Leamington we decided to go to TJ's for a quick cocktail, and John joined us. This turned into three pints in the Bowling Green and a curry at Ali Babas before calling it a day and returning home to watch Desperate Housewives.


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