Saturday, April 02, 2005

England v Azerbaijan

On Wednesday evening, John and I braved the pouring rain to join several people in the Townhouse to watch England play Azerbaijan. We wandered along at around seven, dried ourselves off, rearranged the furniture, and settled down to watch the match. I had been promised by both the BBC Sport website and the Daily Mirror that it was going to be at least 10-0 to England, but we had to make do with 2-0 in a slightly dull match.

I did impress people (well, John) by pointing out that a player can be yellow carded for deliberately playing without a boot on, about 2 seconds before Beckham was yellow carded for deliberately playing without a boot on. As this fascinating Q&A shows, players can also be booked for using a mobile phone or lighting a cigarette. I would like to see that on Match of the Day.

To contain our excitement after the football, me, John, Paul, Gary and MC went to the Bowling Green where we drank beer and talked rubbish.


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