Friday, April 01, 2005

Lunch and German powerstations

Normally when I am on college holidays I hang around the house, eating toast and watching repeats of Moonlighting on the ABC channel. These Easter holidays, however, I have decided to be more sociable and make good use of my time.

I started on Tuesday. Neighbour Steve was at home too, so we went up town for a spot of lunch and shopping. Turns out Steve is rubbish at shopping, but he saved me money by telling me that everything I looked at belonged on a bag lady. Cheers. He also became extremely embarrassed when I took him to the House of Fraser underwear section and we had to leave before he started crying. We had lunch at the Old Butchers (steak sandwich - highly recommended) and abused several people. Fun.

On Tuesday night we attended a Canal House residents meeting at Kerry's flat before going to play a boardgame about German powerstations in Baroque (we played in Baroque, the powerstations were not in Baroque) with John, Paul, Gary and MC. I am not ashamed to say I lost.


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