Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mexican Fiesta

On Saturday, Laura phoned us to ask if we wanted to go out drinking that night. Unfortunately, due to the previous night's Happy Friday, we were a little tired and wanted to settle down and watch 24, so we invited Laura to tea on Sunday instead.

We had envisaged giving Laura some kind of shoddy leftovers and/or takeaway, but it just so happened that we had some chilli, tortilla chips, soured cream, an advocado, tortillas, limes, tequilla and triple sec lying around and so John impressively created a sumptuous mexican feast, including a jug of margharita, which we ate in a civilized manner in the conservatory.

Afterwards, and probably with a little to do with the margharita, Laura restarted her blog, and we listened to increasingly bizarre music until she left at a reasonable hour to prepare for her new job.


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