Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Moderation is the key

On Monday night I joined John, Steve and Gav in the Jug to see some music. I was going to drink lemonade after my alcohol related adventures at the weekend had put me off beer a little, but John convinced me to drink in moderation (I didn't take much convincing, truth be told.)

The music consisted of The Royal Finger Puppets and The Samurai Seven rocking, jumping around and playing guitars. It was all very entertaining and John liked The Samurai Seven so much he bought the CD.

I had merely three drinks, wasn't led astray, remembered everything, felt fine in the morning and didn't go home with any random items of clothing. Drinking sensibly is fantastic. I'm only going to drink in moderation from now on.*

*Until I have so much to drink that I forget to drink in moderation.


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